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October 17, 2019

You’ve heard it a million times, “Simple is better” – this is also true when talking about simple homes! That’s why we created the Simplicity Series, a wonderful option for those why want to build a simple home. These affordable designs range from 1,414-1,680 square foot. Still not completely sold as to why you should get a Simplicity Series design? See a few things below that may convince you:

  • Less Maintenance: With a large home comes large responsibility to take care of your belongings and home features. When you have a smaller home, that responsibility lessens.
  • Avoid Clutter: According to psychological studies, clutter in your house can heavily add to your mental stress. By having a smaller home, you can have liberty in being more organized because you have less space.
  • Saving Money: Not only can you save money on building your simplicity series home, but you also save money on energy and water bills. Saving money is ALWAYS a win!
  • Less Space Means Closer Company: When you have a small, cozy home, your family and friends are more likely to be closer and more comfortable. Enjoying a smaller, intimate space can be great for bringing people closer together.
  • Unique: These days, people want a unique home design. The simplicity series is VERY unique and can offer a lot of customizable options.

We are so proud to be offering this unique and sustainable series of new homes. Reach out to Taylor Homes today to chat about the Simplicity Series homes and how you can get yours started today!  For more information about this series and to view floor plans, check here.

Remember, simple is better – build your simplicity series home with Taylor Homes today!

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