The Smart Home

February 16, 2017

We all strive to be smart and in control, do we not?  So why not have a home that is SMART and in control as well?

With the new technology available out there, peace of mind is literally a touch of your phone away.  You can control multiple functions with a single key press.  This new technology is surprisingly affordable!

Imagine when you are ready for bed at night your smart home system would automatically lock the front door, adjust the interior lights and set back the thermostat.  These new systems can recognize when the family is close to home and prepares your home for your arrival by turning on the lights, cooling down the house and opening the garage door!  It will let you know if one of your children left for school later than planned or didn’t come home on time!  You can adjust your thermostat from your bed, start a cup of Joe or check in on your home when you away on vacation.  The options are endless. What is finally out there now is what people want; the kind of smart tools that make life a little easier, less expensive, and more efficient—technology, in other words, that puts the control squarely in human hands.

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