The Taylor Homes Team is Thankful! Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2020

The Taylor Homes Team Is Thankful! Happy Thanksgiving Thankful For You E1605704102296

Happy Thanksgiving! 2020 has been an unordinary year, but the Taylor Homes Team is still very thankful and we wanted to share! Read more from the ENTIRE team below 🙂


Chris Taylor

Every day is a blessing and there is always something to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for my Lord and Savior, my loving family, my friends and my health. I’m also thankful for my awesome “Taylor Team” as well as our valuable Customers, Subcontractors, Suppliers and various strategic partners.

Wendy Woodsmall
Accounts Payable Specialist

I am thankful for my husband Bill who has helped me get through some of the toughest times I have ever faced.  I am also thankful for and to my stepdaughter Tara who has given me the best grandson a Nana can ever ask for.

Gary Luttrell
Vice President of Production

I’m thankful that Lisa and I have made it for 25 years (with more to come).

Shelley Morris
Vice President Sales

I’m thankful for my little sister and the wonderful doctors that caught her cancer in early stage!

Matt O’Bryan
Construction Coordinator

I am thankful for my family and good health.

Alan Kaestner
Corporate Accountant

I am thankful for this team we have & the fact that we have all remained healthy in this too weird time!

George Arnold
Production Administrator

I am thankful for God blessing me every day and teaching me how to live my life devoted to Him.

Angela Soloby
Executive Assistant to President/CEO

I am Thankful for Home.
Home is where your heart is..
Is a common thing we say….
But Home is a place of refuge,
In so many different ways.
Home can be at your residence…
With numbers on your house and with neighbors nearby.
Home can be at your workplace,
With peers in the office, as our days go passing by.
In my humble opinion…
Home is really where you feel most safe..
And can surely be yourself,
Home is where you connect with others,
Without investing all your wealth.
I am Thankful for Home.

Kelin Peercy
Corporate Administrator

I am thankful for my family and friends.

Joe Hobbs
Architectural Drafter

I’m thankful my family, friends, and coworkers have stayed healthy though out this pandemic.

Olivia Taylor

I am thankful for the health of me and my family, and I’m also thankful for my friends.

Jean Palmore
Marketing Coordinator

I am thankful to be alive and well.  I am thankful for my family and that I have food/shelter

Marcia Mosby

I’m thankful that God put wonderful people in my life. It would be a sad lonely place without them.



Stephanie Kimble
New Homes Consultant

My husband/kids

Beth Kelly
Sales Assistant

That 2020 is almost done!

Eva Napolitano
Starts Coordinator

My health and career

Rob Green
Regional Manager

Family and my brand-new grandson

Anthony Lambert

My mom and dad.

John Bandy

To be alive!



Brian Nelson
New Homes Consultant

I’m thankful for my wonderful Daughter and Wife and having time to spend with them they are the world to me.

John Costonis
Construction Manager

I am thankful to have an awesome team to work with!!

Melissa Naber
Sales Assistant

I’m thankful for my everyone that has prevailed through such a difficult and trying year. I’m also thankful that everyone had their health and for how blessed I feel to work with such an amazing company! 😊

Tristan Rogers

Thankfully for a Job that keeps me busy and a life that keeps me happy!



Julia Meister
New Home Consultant

Thankful to have love, strength, compassion, laughter in my life.

Paul Natale
Lexington and Georgetown Superintendent

I am grateful for my family and my God!!!



Blanche Buecker
New Homes Consultant

I’m thankful for my family, good health & financially stability.



Michele Taylor
New Home Consultant

I am thankful for sunflowers 🌻

Larry Little
New Home Consultant

Thankful for Life each day

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