Why You Should Buy (and Stop Paying Rent!)

October 8, 2020

Why You Should Buy (And Stop Paying Rent!) Stop Renting2

Interest rates are low and it’s a great time for 1st time home buyers to stop paying rent and start building their new custom home.  Renting certainly does have some advantages, especially when you’re young but as people get older, more stable, and maybe start a family they start thinking about investing in a more permanent place to call home. With rent increasing and low interest rates, now is the time to buy! Stop throwing your money away with renting and start investing in home ownership that you can be proud of. Why not get exactly what you dream of with a brand-new custom build home, on a lot that you choose?

You will feel the ultimate pride of ownership when you pick out and help design every aspect of your new home. From floorplans to light fixtures and paint colors, you can work with our experts to make your home exactly what you envision. In addition to low interest rates you can also take advantage of numerous tax advantages available to 1st time homeowners. Another advantage to building a new home is that you have the opportunity to build the home with current building standards and cost saving energy efficiency. With a new home you will have so much less to worry about, as you are less likely to have costly repairs which aren’t uncommon with preowned homes.

If you want to stop renting and build your dream home contact a New Home Consultant today!

Why You Should Buy (And Stop Paying Rent!) Info Indy New2

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