Winterizing Your Home

December 15, 2016

Though the official start date of winter is December 21, it sure has felt like it the past few days. To me the whole month of December feels like winter with all the holiday festivities happening, so it’s the perfect time to winterize your home! Decorating for the seasons is something that can be fun for the whole family. We have some ideas for you.

Warm Colors

Incorporate warm colors throughout your home with decor, accent pieces, blankets and more. The most common warm colors of the season are red and brown and could be used to spruce up any room. We don’t recommend repainting every season, but a bit of color change every 3 months can brighten your mood!

Soft Surfaces

Warm, fuzzy, thick, cozy– All words we love to hear during the winter. Incorporate those words into your home with pillows, blankets, rugs and even drapery. Arrange a blanket over the back of your couch or chair and provide another over it for more style. Some common winter fabrics include chenille, fleece, velvet and wool.

Winter Art

Art work is something very interchangeable throughout each season. It’s fun to create your own canvas to hang or find the perfect piece that fits your home. Winter art can also include all of the crafts your kids make or the cards that your friends and family send. Anything and everything festive is always worthy of being art!

Candle Light

You’ve decorated your home with warm colors, you’ve set out everything soft and cozy that you own and you’ve hung the winter art. The only step left is to light your home with the perfect candles that also represent the smell of winter. The lighting of candles in a dark room can portray a very warm and cozy atmosphere.


Happy Winter!

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