Fire Safety In The Kitchen

September 23, 2011

Did you know that cooking fires are the #1 source of all home fires? Here’s some tips:

– Limit distractions such as a computer, TV or phone
– Keep a multipurpose fire extinguisher in a place with easy access
– Never leave anything on the stove or under the broiler unattended
– Maintain a 3-foot kid free and pet free zone around the stove
– Keep any flammables such as dishtowels and plastic/paper food packaging well away from the stove
– Ensure oven mitts or potholders are dry – if wet, they won’t protect you from the heat
– Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing while cooking
– Smother oven or microwave fires by turning off the appliance and keeping the door closed
– Never attempt to fight a fire that won’t to out – leave your house and call the fire dept. from outside

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