Home Trends: Fall Color

September 14, 2012

Cheery Colors and Clean Lines Combine for a Timeless Look
by Jaime Guillet, eHow contributor

The arrival of fall brings the countdown to many welcome familiarities – piles of raked leaves, holdiay cooking and Cosby-esque sweaters. This year’s leading interior-design color motifs are pairings of warm and natural earth tones or neutral and bright jewel tones – which are particularly reminiscent of fall but perfect any time of the year. Wine-inspired reds, chocolate browns and plums are trending for those with a warm aesthetic; grassy greens, French violets and sulfur yellows for those of the cool-color persuasion. Read more…

Go With What You Know.  Every season has its new flavor, but decorators say the #1 rule by which homeowners should abide is: stick with your core preference. Do not overindulge the latest trend if it is contrary to your true palette tastes.

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