Money Quick Tips

June 14, 2013

Talking To Teens About Money. (by Regiona Lewis, a national television contributor and host of USA Today’s daily “Money Quick Tips” videos).

A stunning 93% of teens say their family was impacted by the recession, according to a teens & money survey conducted in 2011 by an independent research firm on behalf of Charles Schwab brokerage. The same survey shows 64% of teens saying they are more grateful for what they have than they were before the economic downturn.

In this Money Quick Tips, we look at how to talk confidentially with your children about money, teach by making decisions together about spending and saving, and ways to reinforce responsible financial behavior.

The specifics around finances are often one of the best-kept household secrets. And while you don’t necessarily need to share all the math with your kids, if you’re stressed out about making ends meet, they probably already know.

Confirm confidentiality. It could be a great opportunity to sit down with your children and agree for starters that any conversations about family members’ personal finances are just that: personal.

Explain recurring bills, especially the difference between monthly rent or mortgage payments, utilities and cable or cellphone bills compared with money spent on eating out, the movies or a new pair of shoes. Discuss why recurring bills have to be covered before other spending is even considered.

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