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Smart Homes

Imagine waking up in the morning with the blinds opened just right to let the light stream in without a strong glare, the coffee hot and ready, and, after a hard day’s work, returning home with the air conditioning switched on before your arrival to the right temperature. If these are taking place, then you […]

Choosing the Right Tree for Your Landscape

by Jane Gates, (eHow Home Blog) Autumn and winter are the best seasons of the year for planting trees, but the exact timing will depend on the climate where you live. In some areas, you can even take advantage of bare-root plants that are relatively easy to transport and come in a wider range of […]

Taylor Homes Mission Statement

Taylor Homes is committed to providing quality all brick housing at a very affordable price; We are committed to serving customer needs through efficient communication, quick build time, and quality warranty service; We are committed to honesty in business through clear customer communication; both oral and written; And we are committed to profitability through focus […]

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