Pricing Out Early-Bird Thanksgiving Fares

September 18, 2012

by Kelli B. Grant/MarketWatch.com

Turkey may be the centerpiece of Thanksgiving Day, but consumers who want to get home for the holiday should focus first on a different kind of fowl: early-bird airfare.

With nine weeks to go, experts say now is the best time to book for many travelers. Fares during the week of Thanksgiving are already up 6% compared with last year, reports CheapAir.com.  “The #1 factor that determines how expensive a flight will be is how full it is, and most Thanksgiving-week flights are already reasonably booked” said Jeff Klee, chief executive of CheapAir.com. Fares will only go up, as the cheaper seats sell out and desirable flights fill up.  Read more…

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