Smart Homes

October 4, 2013

Imagine waking up in the morning with the blinds opened just right to let the light stream in without a strong glare, the coffee hot and ready, and, after a hard day’s work, returning home with the air conditioning switched on before your arrival to the right temperature. If these are taking place, then you could be living in a Kentucky Smart Home!

We all use modern technology like remote garage door openers, security systems, etc. But, a Smart Home integrates all these disparate equipment so as to seamlessly control all aspects of the home. So, one does not have to go to each device or system and set it up for various tasks. Instead, there is a Master Home Automation Controller. All the subsystems are connected to this controller and the controller monitors and manages each of them. Powerful software can monitor hundreds of events and issue multiple commands based on planned or unplanned events.

Planned or Timed events are generally based on the clock. An astronomic clock is used so that the geographic location of the home is used to find sunrise and sunset timings and trigger events based on these such as opening blinds, switching on lights, etc. Unplanned or Triggered events are those that can occur at any time and an action needs to be initiated in response. These could be as simple as switching on the lights when the door is opened or dimming them when there is no movement in the room for a period of time. Complex commands can be programmed which are a mixture of both types of events such as switching on the lights to different levels depending on whether it is morning or evening.

To make one’s home a Smart Home, one needs to integrate all the separate items and most of these can be retrofitted to make a Kentucky Smart Home. These include lighting controllers that control individual or groups of lights; mortised controllers to replace simple blinds; the heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems; Security and Irrigation Systems. The pool or spa can be warmed by connecting its controllers as well. Even the entertainment systems can be controlled to switch on music or TV so as to be welcomed each morning with the news and walking into the home in the evening to smooth music. Those with elderly family members can have medical alerts if they are in trouble such as falling down or being hurt.

A tremendous advantage for Kentucky Home owners with Smart Homes is that, by controlling all the equipment to switch on or off only as needed, one’s energy utilisation is optimal and waste is cut down significantly. Another tremendous advantage is that everything can be monitored and controlled remotely. The master controller can be accessed over the internet, and the hone-owner can switch equipment on or off, open the door to let visiting family members in and watch the videos from the security cameras. A Kentucky Smart Home is like having a trusted butler who looks after your home 24/7!

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