Tips on area rugs for hardwood floors

June 24, 2011

The addition of area rugs and rug pads for hardwood floors serve both an ornamental and practical purpose. Area rugs make a room more cozy, they look nice, and they help protect the floor in certain situations. But what you should pay very careful attention to are the rug pads. It is highly recommended that you have rug pads for hardwood floors…and they must be made from the right kind of material, or they can do just as much damage as rug without a pad.  Also, keep in mind thta wood will change color over time due to sunlight and other natural occurrences beyond anyone’s control. Wood is a natural substance. The portion of the floor covered by rugs may change color as well or appear darker than the floor that has been exposed. It is best to move the rugs periodically to keep a more even color throughout. (source: how-to-hardwood-floors.com)

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