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Posted By on Aug 18, 2014

Questions we are asked during our planning process include “How long will the building take?” “What’s the order of things to be done?” and “What’s a “Wall-Tie”?  We like to lay it out for our customers so that they are completely aware of what’s happening – and when. “Set our valued Customers expectations up front”. Perhaps you’ve not built a house because of the time commitment, or the stress level you think you’ll incur. We...

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Two major holidays are coming!  Pecan pie is always a favorite, or get creative with some delicious variations – Pecan Pie Brownies, Pecan Pie Cheesecake…and more! End your holiday meal with a WOW dessert – clink the link below. http://www.southernliving.com/food/entertaining/10-pecan-pie-recipes-00417000075787/

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The safety of your home and family are always at the top of mind, especially during the holidays. An important step in preventing burglary and other crimes is to make sure that your home is as secure as possible. Chances are good that your home security can be improved. Start with taking a hard look at entry points in your residence to determine what steps can be taken to reduce vulnerability. Below is a guide that can be useful in...

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Need Space?

Posted By on Nov 1, 2013

How about a room addition or a new/bigger garage?  Or does your tired kitchen need remodeling?  Call Taylor Homes today for a free quote. Or are parents or kids moving in with you? We offer extended family suites too!

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I’m not a fan of winters in general, but my favorite part of winter is sleeping under a heavy down comforter in a cold, cold room. It feels healthy to me. And it makes me feel like I’m hibernating. But what I don’t love is waking up and trying to get ready for my day in the icy cold. You know what would be amazing? If I could roll over when my alarm (on my iPhone) rings, turn off the alarm (or hit “snooze” more likely), pull up an app...

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Smart Homes

Posted By on Oct 4, 2013

Imagine waking up in the morning with the blinds opened just right to let the light stream in without a strong glare, the coffee hot and ready, and, after a hard day’s work, returning home with the air conditioning switched on before your arrival to the right temperature. If these are taking place, then you could be living in a Kentucky Smart Home! We all use modern technology like remote garage door openers, security systems, etc....

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