How To Clean Exterior Siding

March 20, 2012

Although vinyl siding requires little maintenance, it is not impervious to airborne dust and dirt particles. Dirty siding mars a home’s exterior appearance and attracts mold. Cleaning vinyl siding at least twice per year maintains its color and overall aesthetic appeal. Clean exterior siding using basic supplies and techniques.

1. Create a soapy solution by mixing 1 tbsp. of liquid dish detergent and 1 gallon of warm water in a clean plastic bucket. Thoroughly dilute the detergent in the warm water.
2. Cover the grass, bushes and plants around the perimeter of the home with plastic drop cloths to protect them from runoff. Place cloths over any brick facing as well.
3. Attach a spray nozzle to a garden hose. Spray the siding with water from the garden hose to rinse off loose debris, insects and grime. Aim the nozzle at eye level or downward to prevent damaging the siding. Stand on a sturdy ladder to reach high areas of the siding.
4. Scrub a 3-by-3 foot section of the siding with the soapy solution using a long handled nylon scrub brush. Start at the bottom of the siding.
5. Rinse the 3-by-3 foot section of the siding with water from the garden hose to wash away the soapy solution and loosened gunk. Use the same rinsing technique as previously.
6. Wash the remaining 3-by-3 foot section of the sidings using the same process. Work up the siding, standing on the ladder when necessary. Periodically refill the bucket with fresh solution to prevent transferring grime back onto the siding.
7.  Allow the siding to thoroughly air dry.

(by April Downing, eHow contributor)

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