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Taylor Homes builds in these counties in Indiana.

The Taylor family has been building custom homes in most of Indiana for over 65 years. People build new custom homes for many reasons, such as: to choose features/colors that pre-existing homes cannot provide, to customize the design for certain physical needs or maybe to live in a specific location.

Whatever the reason, there are some basic guidelines you should consider before building:

  • Research the build site – the availability of electricity, water and other utility services. Also consider potential difficulties the location might pose to construction crews before purchasing the land. Be aware of any possible restrictions including zoning and covenant ordinances.
  • Consider your needs, desires, and budget. Once you identify your priorities, start reviewing some home designs – browse through magazines or visit model homes. Consider both your exterior and interior options and features.
  • Ask questions of the builder – for example, estimated time needed for construction, method of communication, what warranties are offered.

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A travel charge may apply if build location is beyond standard build radius.

Model Location and Hours

3750 Cold Spring Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46222
M,Th,F,Sat. 12-6; Sun. 1-5

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