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Heating/Insulation/Ventilation Pre-Winter Checklist

Central Heating Make sure all air vents are free of obstructions. Adjust your vents by opening those near the floor and closing those near the ceiling for better air circulation during the winter months. Test your furance before the weather gets very cold. Consider...

Do Fluorescent Lights Save Energy?

Fluorescent light bulbs are 4 to 6 times more energy efficient than standard light bulbs. This is due to the fact that with standard bulbs, most of the energy is used to heat the filament. Fluorescent light bulbs use a combination of gas and mercury to create light,...

What is Taylor Homes Value Series?

The Value Series are specific features that are normally standard on our homes, but if a customer chooses, (some or all) can be deleted to substantially lower the cost of a new home. This is just another example of the flexibility at Taylor Homes and how we continue...

Stair safety

Keep your home stariways safe! Make sure there are working nightlights at the top & bottom of all stairs Do not store itmes on the stairs All stairs of at least 3 risers should have a handrail Tile & painted or concrete stairs can be slippery when wet or when...

New NAHB study

New NAHB study finds 41% of home buyers between '07 and '09 were first-timers.

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